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SHINKANSEN – Bullet Train: Sendai to Tokyo

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May 2013 – Short subjective experience of my family riding the bullet train back to Tokyo after a few days in the tsunami-damaged area of Tohoku, Japan.

Author: Jay Wilson

I'm a local emergency manager in the Portland metro area and primarily work in the aspects of disaster resilience, hazard mitigation, and recovery planning. I am especially interested in how hazards are integrated into a sense of place and how we can better design our communities to adapt to and work with the environment. Can we leverage our sense of community identity and belonging now, before a disaster, or do we have to learn these lessons the hard way?

One thought on “SHINKANSEN – Bullet Train: Sendai to Tokyo

  1. I enjoyed the ride on the train at 175 mph. I enjoyed the scenery, but I especially enjoyed seeing my granddaughter, Lanyu’s, beautiful, happy face. I enjoyed seeing my son and daughter-in-law, too.

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